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CAREFREE BREATH F600 can clean and exchange the air multiple times an hour, reducing the risk of airborne virus transmission in a matter of minutes.

High Air Flow Capacity
Delivers a high CADR of 576 m3/hr, enough to provide 8 air changes per hour in a 30m2 room.

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Filter
The electrostatic cell filters >95% of particles less than 2.5μm while maintaining high airflow rates. The filter is maintained through simple annual cleaning.

Engineered Nano-Carbon (ENC) Filter
The unique ENC filter removes toxic gas pollutants such as ozone, NO2 and VOCs that can be present within buildings and adversely affect respiratory health.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
The unique filter system of the CAREFREE BREATH F600 results in significantly lower maintenance costs over the lifetime o f the unit.

Compact Design
The CAREFREE BREATH F600 occupies only 0.14m2 of floor space, yet delivers 576 m3/hr of clean air. Mounted on wheels, the compact unit can easily be moved to where it is needed most.

Low Power / Low Noise
Consumes only 78W of power, on the highest fan speed.

EC Declaration of Conformity Directive 2006/42/EC
IEC 60335-2-65