LOEWE BIOSECURITY UG | Juergen-Toepfer-Strasse 48 | D-22763 Hamburg
10. Juli 2019

STERI-7 XTRA Hand Rub Accessories

Hands-on protection

Packing protection and modern good-looks, the floor stand and automatic dispenser are your keys to health protection where it really counts: in gangways and lobbies and at the door to your on-board restaurant. The automatic dispenser delivers a metered dose of 0.5 ml, yielding 1,600 doses per 800 ml refill. That makes it a much more efficient solution than conventional alcohol gels, which are typically delivered in 2 ml doses, meaning that even a 1000 ml refill will yield only 500 individual doses.

Floor Stand
Automatic Dispenser
STERI-7 XTRA Hand Rub 800ML Refill