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We are part of the ARTE report “Kreuzfahrt auf Kurswechsel” (New course for the cruise industry)

The LOEWE BIOSECURITY team is proud to announce that we are part of the current ARTE report “Kreuzfahrt auf Kurswechsel”. A small 3 minutes extract of our disinfection-product testing procedures on board of “Großer Michel” in Hamburg is shown (starting from minute 20:06😊)Have a look!

We documented one of our hotel “Disinfection 4.0” cooperations

Highest possible infection protection by pioneering disinfection technologies and unique competence! LOEWE BIOSECURITY’s activities in the South of Germany… In December 2020 we documented one of our hotel “Disinfection 4.0” cooperations.LOEWE BIOSECURITY ensures inimitable sustainability in the field of hygiene & disinfection and is able to generate cost savings by “engineered” disinfection solutions that do[…]

All good things come in threes + one

The team of LOEWE BIOSECURITY is proud to announce four additional Disinfection 4.0 client references! During the last days, the owners of three additional hotels and one pharmacy with locations all over Germany (Dresden, Emmerthal, Hamburg and Offenbach am Main) have decided to start the disinfection and hygiene cooperation with LOEWE BIOSECURTIY in order to[…]


Mrs. Kornelia Hasselberg and Mr. Carsten Löhmer, both team members of LOEWE BIOSECURITY have finalized the qualification of the State Office for social services Schleswig-Holstein/Germany to become a state authorized disinfector, allowing them i.e. to disinfect hospital areas on-site and to consult hospital management and staff to choose the adequate and proper disinfection products and[…]