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Mrs. Kornelia Hasselberg and Mr. Carsten Löhmer, both team members of LOEWE BIOSECURITY have finalized the qualification of the State Office for social services Schleswig-Holstein/Germany to become a state authorized disinfector, allowing them i.e. to disinfect hospital areas on-site and to consult hospital management and staff to choose the adequate and proper disinfection products and procedures.

Both have passed the final test with the best grade possible -very good – in front of the disinfector examination commission of Sanitätsschule Nord in Hutzfeld/Germany.

We are congratulating both for the fantastic result and are happy and proud that they are our colleagues.

Mrs. Hasselberg and Mr. Löhmer are looking forward to serve and support you worldwide i.e. to develop tailor-made hygiene & disinfection concepts to your needs and to train and implement concepts and measures on-site i.e. on board of ships & mega-yachts, hotels, real estates, homes, kindergartens, production facilities, exhibitions, hospitals, etc….

Please come into contact with us to get the chance to serve and support you with our innovative disinfection 4.0 portfolio and services!

biosecurity@loewe-marine.com & c.loehmer@loewe-biosecurity.com