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LED VirusKill & LOEWE BIOSECURITY are combining forces

LED VirusKill based at Lyngby/Denmark and LOEWE BIOSECURITY from Hamburg/Germany (with its maritime partner company LOEWE MARINE) have signed an exclusive partnership agreement in order to join forces for the the sales and marketing activities for the LED UV-C disinfection handheld „puriZAP“ in Europe and other selected geographies where LOEWE BIOSECURITY & LOEWE MARINE already have a strong presence.

puriZap, produced by LED VirusKill in Denmark is the first LED UV-C disinfection handheld available, which ensures efficient surface-disinfection of up 99,99% in seconds. Mr. Markus Hofherr (Hotel Director, V8 Hotel Motorworld Region Stuttgart, Germany) is confirming puriZAP’s disinfection performance: “By using the battery powered puriZAP, we have found the perfect match in regards to requested efficacy, cost-efficiency and easy handling, while disinfecting i.e. high-touch zones during normal hotel operation.” puriZap’s pure product costs: 9 Eurocents per disinfection-hour. For more product information, inquiries and order placements please contact LOEWE BIOSECURITY.


LOEWE MARINE GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2011 by respected naval architect Carsten Löhmer. Headquartered in Bremen and with a service centre in Hamburg, the company combines visionary thinking with decades of experience and expertise. LOEWE MARINE is an established shipbuilding supplier and provider of consulting and ship-related services to shipping lines and shipyards worldwide. It has built up a name for itself as a key supplier of integrated systems to the maritime industry. Having established its LOEWE BIOSECURITY division in 2019, LOEWE MARINE is now also a successful player in the maritime health protection and cleaning systems sector.

LOEWE MARINE’s current offering encompasses a wide range of high-tech solutions for marine systems, green shipping and bio security. Its marine systems and green shipping solutions include the design, production and installation of highly efficient full-spade rudder systems of all profile types and sizes for all vessel types, the supply, maintenance and repair of steering engines of all types, and the production of WEDs (wake equalizing ducts) for enhanced propulsion efficiency. The company’s LOEWE BIOSECURITY division combines maritime know-how with high tech to provide advanced solutions such as autonomous disinfection robots and broad-spectrum disinfectants.

About LED VirusKill A/S

LED VirusKill A/S (with the brand name puriZAP® ) is a joint venture with LED iBond. LED iBond is a Danish innovative lighting company founded in 2014. LED iBond patented technology allows the puriZAP® product line to utilize the power and huge advantages of UV-C LED technology. LED iBond is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen under the ticker LEDIBOND. puriZAP® product lines are produced at LED iBond’s state of the art production facility in Farum, Denmark.