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LOEWE MARINE and TREOX join forces as exclusive partners in maritime sector fight against coronavirus and other pathogens

Two companies from northern Germany are garnering attention with their proactive stance amid the push to beat the coronavirus: Bremen’s LOEWE MARINE GmbH & Co. KG, owner of LOEWE BIOSECURITY (established January 2019), and the TREOX Group from Landesbergen. Effective immediately, the two companies have formed an exclusive partnership to provide expert advice and effective solutions around hand, surface, drinking water and climate control system disinfection solutions for on and offshore operations in the maritime industry. Their combined offering is already generating strong interest, particularly among commercial and cruise shipping firms, but also among platform operators, megayacht owners and maritime subcontractors and suppliers.

Look forward to a good partnership: Dennis Heineking (Managing Director TREOX Industry GmbH), Gert Löhmer (COO LOEWE MARINE), Carsten Löhmer (CEO LOEWE MARINE) and Marc Heineking (Managing Director TREOX Industry GmbH).

LOEWE MARINE GmbH & Co. KG, a maritime industry advisor and systems provider of many years’ standing, first established its LOEWE BIOSECURITY division about 16 months ago. The TREOX Group has been developing safe, eco-friendly disinfectants since 2011. Back then, and even as recently as a few months ago, the world was a very different place: no coronavirus. But one thing has always been the same: the ever-present risk of microbial infection and the challenge of combating it with effective hygiene and disinfection. In the shipping industry, outbreaks involving pathogens such as norovirus and SARS necessitated the development of tailored disinfection solutions. Sustainability considerations mandated that those disinfectants should ideally be fully biodegradable. These factors, and his first-hand experience aboard commercial vessels, inspired LOEWE MARINE CEO Carsten Löhmer to establish LOEWE BIOSECURITY in order to access new markets for his company’s proven expertise and excellence as an advisor and provider of tailored disinfection solutions to the maritime industry. Today LOEWE’s biosecurity clientele ranges from small businesses all the way to owners of megayachts.

New disinfection strategy

The TREOX Group’s founders were similarly cognizant of the growing importance of hygiene and disinfection strategies in a globalised world. They also believed that the negative impacts of the toxic ingredients found in conventional hygiene and disinfection solutions were no longer sustainable. Using an innovative electrolysis process, they developed TREOX D, a highly effective fat and oil-free disinfectant that contains no petrochemical ingredients, surfactants, dyes, fragrances or preservatives. TREOX D has been clinically tested and awarded the ‘Excellent’ seal of approval by Germany’s Dermatest research institute. ‘Our solution carries no harmful-substance warnings, so there are no safety restrictions on its use,’ explained TREOX’s head of sales, Karsten Zerbe. ‘That gives our partner LOEWE MARINE effective disinfection strategies that optimally comply with the maritime industry’s stringent safety and environmental requirements.’

Portfolio of highly effective disinfection solutions

Löhmer and his team work with big-name disinfection experts to develop biosecurity strategies for the maritime sector, including the cruise shipping industry. They have expertise in disinfection that is now in strong demand among shipping firms, ship owners and owners and operators of onshore maritime businesses. The company’s know-how is complemented by its global service and logistics network and an extensive portfolio of highly effective disinfection solutions, including TREOX D. In short, LOEWE MARINE is ready for the fight against SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. LOEWE MARINE is able leverage the best available resources to find the optimal disinfection solution for any application – no matter how quickly or where in the world it is required. One such resource is the Sterisafe-Pro disinfection robot developed by LOEWE MARINE’s Danish partner Sterisafe. The robot opens up completely new possibilities in cabin and room disinfection. Its efficacy against the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been tested against the relevant standard for airborne disinfection systems, NF T 72 281, and confirmed by independent laboratories, including the Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Hamburg, Germany.

Confidence born of expertise

‘The current challenges are immense and require intelligent and decisive action,’ said Löhmer. ‘We are not defenceless. While medical researchers worldwide are working at fever pitch to develop effective treatments and a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, and healthcare workers are going above and beyond the call of duty, we disinfection experts are playing our part to halt the spread of the virus. Thanks to our comprehensive partnership with the TREOX Group, we have gained a first-rate tool for implementing our disinfection strategies. The task now is to bring that tool to bear in the maritime sector and in the subcontracting and supply industry worldwide.’

New solutions through know-how and high tech

By giving timely, competent advice and implementing effective hand, surface, drinking water and climate control system disinfection solutions for its maritime customers, LOEWE MARINE is making a key contribution to the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This is no accident. It is the result of the extensive know-how the company has built up over the years. ‘We wouldn’t be so well prepared for the current situation if we hadn’t always thought ahead,’ said Löhmer. ‘In the future, the solutions developed in cooperation with partners like TREOX and Sterisafe will even enable us to put in place the systems and frameworks necessary for disinfectant products to be produced independently aboard every ship and for every ship to have in place effective disinfection processes.’


LOEWE MARINE GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2011 by respected naval architect Carsten Löhmer. Headquartered in Bremen and with a service centre in Hamburg, the company combines visionary thinking with decades of experience and expertise. LOEWE MARINE is an established shipbuilding supplier and provider of consulting and ship-related services to shipping lines and shipyards worldwide. It has built up a name for itself as a key supplier of integrated systems to the maritime industry. Having established its LOEWE BIOSECURITY division in 2019, LOEWE MARINE is now also a successful player in the maritime health protection and cleaning systems sector.

LOEWE MARINE’s current offering encompasses a wide range of high-tech solutions for marine systems, green shipping and bio security. Its marine systems and green shipping solutions include the design, production and installation of highly efficient full-spade rudder systems of all profile types and sizes for all vessel types, the supply, maintenance and repair of steering engines of all types, and the production of WEDs (wake equalizing ducts) for enhanced propulsion efficiency. The company’s LOEWE BIOSECURITY division combines maritime know-how with high tech to provide advanced solutions such as autonomous disinfection robots and broad-spectrum disinfectants.

About the TREOX Group

Headquartered in Landesbergen, near Hanover, Germany, the TREOX Group is home to a team of hygiene and disinfection experts who used state-of-the-art technology to stabilise and refine a centuries-old method for producing disinfectants. The result is TREOX D.

The high effectiveness of TREOX D is due to its mixture of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and high-purity salts. TREOX D is produced by using electrolysis to chlorinate hypochlorites.

TREOX Industry GmbH works closely with partners who share its commitment to enhanced safety and environmental sustainability. For the TREOX Group, TREOX D is more than merely a product. It is an idea that needs to be shared. The group therefore leverages its stable network of partners to cater flexibly and swiftly to its customers’ requirements and to ensure that its vision of TREOX D is realised in line with customer expectations.

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