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Mrs. Kornelia Hasselberg and Mr. Carsten Löhmer, both team members of LOEWE BIOSECURITY have finalized the qualification of the State Office for social services Schleswig-Holstein/Germany to become a state authorized disinfector, allowing them i.e. to disinfect hospital areas on-site and to consult hospital management and staff to choose the adequate and proper disinfection products and[…]

LED VirusKill & LOEWE BIOSECURITY are combining forces

LED VirusKill based at Lyngby/Denmark and LOEWE BIOSECURITY from Hamburg/Germany (with its maritime partner company LOEWE MARINE) have signed an exclusive partnership agreement in order to join forces for the the sales and marketing activities for the LED UV-C disinfection handheld „puriZAP“ in Europe and other selected geographies where LOEWE BIOSECURITY & LOEWE MARINE already[…]